Bhagalpur’s Jardalu Mango Goes Global: Bihar Farmers Visit Dubai for Export Promotion

jardalu mango bhagalpur bihar

Bhagalpur: Efforts are underway to elevate the recognition of the renowned Jardalu mango from Bhagalpur at a global level, with three farmers from the state visiting Dubai for this purpose. Among them is Vibhu Dubey, a mango-producing farmer from Bhagalpur, who will share insights about the Jardalu mango. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is supporting farmers in this endeavour.

A delegation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and progressive farmers from Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, facilitated by APEDA, is participating in a training tour workshop in the UAE. The farmers are gaining experience in the agricultural supply chain and market linkage during this exposure visit to Dubai.

Vibhu Dubey, director of Mango Litica Farmer Producer Company in Bhagalpur, is engaging in discussions with businessmen in Dubai regarding the export of Jardalu mangoes. Due to the distinctive taste and aroma of Jardalu mangoes, there is high demand for them in Dubai. However, farmers in Bhagalpur face challenges in supplying a sufficient quantity. This year, a larger quantity of Jardalu mangoes is expected to be exported to Dubai.

Jardalu mango obtained the Distinctive Geographical Identification (GI) tag in 2018, leading to increased demand in foreign countries. Requests for supply are coming in even before the mangoes are ready, and plans are in place to export Jardalu mangoes to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Britain, and Bangladesh. The Agriculture and Horticulture Departments are actively preparing for mango exports, providing training to farmers, and seeking expert advice to ensure a successful export season.