Bihar Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary Removes Turban in Ayodhya Ritual

Bihar Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary Removes Turban in Ayodhya Ritual

Ayodhya: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Samrat Chaudhary ceremoniously removed his turban on Wednesday after 22 months, marking the occasion with a dip in the Sarayu river in Ayodhya. The ritual, which took place in the morning, was followed by Chaudhary declaring his intent to dedicate the turban at the feet of Lord Ram.

Before the ceremonial bath, Chaudhary shaved on the banks of the river, accompanied by ministers and party members chanting “Jai Shri Ram.” Post-ritual, he visited Hanumangarhi and performed worship at Ramlala’s temple.

Chaudhary spoke of the significance of the day, attributing the opportunity to visit and worship Lord Ram to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts. “After a long wait of 500 years, this auspicious day has come with the tireless efforts of PM Modi that we all are enjoying the darshan of Lord Shri Ram. May blessings bless the entire world. Keep your blessings on everyone,” he said.

Reflecting on political developments, Chaudhary highlighted the removal of Nitish Kumar from the Chief Minister post, completed on January 28, leading to the formation of the NDA government in Bihar. “Our commitment was to remove Nitish Kumar from the post of Chief Minister. This resolution was completed on 28th January. He left the Grand Alliance and became the Chief Minister with us. We welcomed it. On January 28, the NDA government was formed in Bihar,” Chaudhary noted.

Chaudhary added that with the new government in place, the turban was no longer necessary. He had planned to dedicate it to Lord Ram earlier but was delayed due to election responsibilities. He expressed gratitude to the people of Bihar for their support, acknowledging the electoral success of the NDA, which secured 30 out of 40 seats with a 75 percent majority. “I also thank the people of Bihar,” he concluded.