Chirag Paswan Rebuts Lalu-Tejashwi Criticism, Asserts Modi Government’s Stability for 5 Years

Chirag Paswan Rebuts Lalu-Tejashwi Criticism, Asserts Modi Government's Stability for 5 Years
Chirag Gupta

Patna: Union Minister Chirag Paswan, during his visit to Patna from Delhi on Saturday, addressed RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s comments made at Patna airport. Paswan criticized Lalu’s claims that the government would fall in August, stating that such remarks are merely attempts to confuse and rally his supporters. He emphasized that everyone is aware of Lalu’s electoral track record and dismissed his comments as a strategy to keep his workers engaged.

Chirag confidently declared that the Modi government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will remain strong and complete its full five-year term. He assured that the government would continue to take significant decisions over the next five years with the support of leaders from allied parties. Chirag urged opposition parties to abandon any thoughts of revising the work done by the NDA under PM Modi’s leadership.

Addressing the criticism from Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, Chirag refrained from commenting on specific social media posts about the former’s alleged crimes. Instead, he pointed to the RJD’s tenure in the 90s, known as “Jungle Raj,” and criticized the opposition for not playing a constructive role. Paswan highlighted the achievements of the NDA government, such as infrastructure development, and called for a focus on improving law and order in Bihar.

Chirag concluded by stressing the importance of addressing law and order issues in Bihar, urging the Chief Minister to take strict action against any negligence, especially concerning infrastructure quality. He emphasized that the NDA government remains committed to ensuring stability and progress in the region.