Heat Wave Forces Early Closure of Schools in Patna as Temperatures Soar

School timings changed due to scorching heat

Patna: Concerns over the sweltering heat gripping Bihar, including the capital city of Patna, have prompted authorities to take decisive action. With the mercury hovering around 40 degrees Celsius on Thursday, the administration has intervened to address the escalating heatwave conditions, particularly concerning the safety of schoolchildren.

In response to the relentless rise in temperatures, both private and government schools in Patna will now operate with adjusted timings, concluding all activities by 11:30 am. District Magistrate Kapil Ashok has issued a directive outlining this precautionary measure.

Ashok emphasized the severity of the heatwave, acknowledging its potential to pose health risks to children. To safeguard their well-being, an order has been issued under Section 144, imposing a ban on educational activities from 11:30 am to 4 pm for students up to the 10th grade across all schools in the Patna district.

This directive, effective from April 20 until April 30, aims to mitigate the adverse effects of extreme heat on students’ health and safety.