IIM Bodh Gaya Students Leading Social Change with Glad Bharat Foundation Internship

29 IIM Bodh Gaya Students Spearhead Groundbreaking Social Initiatives During Internship with Glad Bharat Foundation

Bodhgaya: In a remarkable display of social responsibility and commitment to effecting positive change, 29 students from the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya embarked on an internship journey with the Glad Bharat Foundation. This collaboration bore fruit in the form of two pioneering projects aimed at tackling critical societal issues.

The first initiative, dubbed the Pad ATM project, took aim at addressing the prevalent issue of menstrual hygiene among teenage girls and rural women. Recognizing the urgent need for accessible and affordable sanitary pads, the students embarked on a concerted effort to make this a reality. Through innovative approaches and community engagement, they established avenues for the distribution of sanitary pads by installing a Pad ATM in their village. This endeavor ensured that women and girls could access basic necessities often overlooked in rural areas.

The second endeavor, known as the Donate Waste, Discover Best Campaign, sought to bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged segments of society. The students played a pivotal role in organizing seminars across various institutions to raise awareness about social issues and encourage the donation of surplus items such as books and newspapers. This initiative fostered a culture of generosity and community involvement.

29 IIM Bodh Gaya Students Spearhead Groundbreaking Social Initiatives During Internship with Glad Bharat Foundation

Reflecting on their internship experience, the students spoke of profound learnings and a sense of fulfillment. Witnessing firsthand the challenges surrounding menstrual hygiene in rural areas inspired them to spearhead initiatives like the Pad ATM Project. Their engagement in social work ignited a passion for making a positive impact on society and becoming responsible citizens of the country.

Professor Johnson Minz’s guidance and encouragement paved the way for this significant partnership, amplifying the commendable efforts of the students.

The tenure of these students with the Glad Bharat Foundation serves as a beacon of inspiration as they return to their academic pursuits, igniting a collective zeal to continue championing causes that uplift and empower society.