Jamui Election Rally: PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar Unite Against ‘Jungle Raj’, Champion Development in Bihar

PM Modi in Jamui

Jamui: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a massive gathering in Khaira, Jamui, on Thursday, launching scathing criticisms against the opposition, particularly targeting the legacy of “Jungle Raj” under Lalu Prasad Yadav’s rule, corruption, and the Mahagathbandhan alliance.

In his speech, PM Modi emphasized the transformation in India’s approach towards combating terrorism. He highlighted the shift from previous administrations, where terrorists could perpetrate attacks and escape unscathed, to the current stance of decisive action, asserting that “Today’s India kills by entering the house.”

The Prime Minister reiterated his condemnation of the Congress, accusing the party of lodging complaints abroad instead of taking robust action against terrorism. He underscored the need for a strong and resolute India, drawing parallels to the historic greatness of Pataliputra and Magadh.

PM Modi’s address also encompassed political alliances, extending fraternal gestures towards Chirag Paswan and his brother-in-law, the candidate from Jamui. However, he did not shy away from targeting the Congress and RJD, holding them responsible for tarnishing the country’s reputation during their respective tenures.

Describing the ongoing election as pivotal for Bihar’s development, PM Modi contrasted the aspirations of BJP and NDA for a prosperous India with the tainted legacies of Congress and RJD. He underscored the imperative of electing leaders committed to national progress.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar echoed PM Modi’s sentiments, expressing confidence in Modi’s leadership and emphasizing the strides made under their collaborative governance. He reflected on the challenges of the past, recalling the tumultuous era of Jungle Raj and communal tensions, while asserting the present administration’s commitment to peace and progress.

The event marked the reunion of PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar on the same platform after a hiatus of 32 days, symbolizing their united front in Bihar’s political landscape. Nitish Kumar reiterated the transformative changes witnessed in Bihar since 2005, emphasizing the restoration of law and order and strides in social development.

Furthermore, Nitish Kumar commended the posthumous recognition of Bharat Ratna conferred upon Karpoori Thakur, reaffirming his commitment to continue the legacy of progress. He cautioned against the resurgence of past discord under alternative leadership, pledging to uphold peace and communal harmony.

In a show of support, Chirag Paswan, leader of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), extended a bold promise of delivering 40 out of 40 seats from Bihar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. His endorsement underscored the confidence in PM Modi’s leadership and the alliance’s electoral prospects.