Lalu Arrives in Saran for Fourth Visit, Plans Two-Day Stay: Set to Convene RJD Meeting in Chhapra

Lalu Prasad Kicks Off Election Campaign in Chapra Amidst Enthusiastic Reception

Chhapra: With the fifth phase Lok Sabha elections drawing near, political fervor has intensified across the nation. Parties are doubling down on their efforts to secure victories for their candidates. In this vein, RJD chief Lalu Prasad made a significant appearance at the Chapra RJD office on Tuesday to strategize for the candidacy of his daughter Rohini Acharya from the Saran Lok Sabha constituency.

During his two-day stint, Lalu will spearhead marathon meetings aimed at formulating an effective election strategy for RJD workers and supporters, with the ultimate goal of securing victory for Rohini. This marks Lalu’s fourth visit since the announcement of elections, underlining the strategic importance of the Saran constituency.

Lalu’s presence in Chapra has sparked discussions within political circles, with locals interpreting it as a boost of morale and energy among RJD members, particularly following PM Narendra Modi’s recent rally. Just a day prior, on Monday, Prime Minister Modi addressed a public gathering in support of BJP candidate Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

The timing of Lalu’s visit, immediately following PM Modi’s rally, underscores the competitive atmosphere surrounding the Saran Lok Sabha seat. On one side stands incumbent MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy representing the BJP, while on the other, Lalu has put forth his daughter, Rohini, as the RJD candidate. The Saran constituency holds strategic significance for both parties, given its historical ties to Lalu’s political legacy and Rudy’s incumbency.