Minor cheated of Rs 1.40 lakh in the name of sextortion: Sold everything from iPhone to shoes to pay money

Minor cheated of Rs 1.40 lakh in the name of sextortion: Sold everything from iPhone to shoes to pay money
Chirag Gupta

Patna: A minor studying in Nehru Nagar, Patna has been cheated of Rs 1.40 lakh in the name of sextortion.

Police sources said the minor received a video call. In the video, the girl, along with talking obscenely, took off her clothes and asked the minor to do the same. The victim also did as the girl said. After this, the screen was recorded. After some time, the girl sent the same video and demanded money. For about 6 months, the unknown girl kept taking money from the minor. The minor told that this incident happened in November, 2023. After this, the girl always showed that video and threatened to make it viral.

The minor kept giving money by selling his pocket money, his iPhone, laptop, class fees, and shoes. When there was nothing left to sell, the minor tried to escape. Meanwhile, the minor saw action being taken in such cases on the news. The minor made up his mind and registered a case.

The minor told the police that he was scared so much that he used to keep selling goods and giving them money. Sometimes Rs 30,000, sometimes Rs 19,000. Sometimes they even asked him for Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Many times they made him pay for small items like Rs 110, Rs 160, and Rs 220 in online shopping. Sometimes, when he was not able to pay, they used to say that when he woke up the next morning, he would see his video on the internet. The minor had also made up his mind to commit suicide a few days ago, he claimed.

The minor, being upset, has filed a case by sending an online application. The minor described the entire incident from the time he received the call to the cyber police station until now. The minor has provided the girl’s phone number, UPI details, and objectionable video to the police. The minor has sent Rs 1.40 lakh in a total of 33 transactions as per the girl’s instructions. The minor has also given the police information about the three numbers from which he received the call in this case.

Police Inspector Pushkar Kumar of Patna Cyber ​​Police Station said that a case of sextortion has been registered on the application of the minor. The police are investigating all the numbers from which the call came. The police are also investigating the UPI on which the money was sent. The police will soon identify the people involved in this case and take action, the inspector said.