Nalanda University’s Bay of Bengal Studies Centre Hosts Major BIMSTEC Event

Nalanda University's Bay of Bengal Studies Centre Hosts Major BIMSTEC Event

Nalanda: The Centre for Bay of Bengal Studies (CBS) at Nalanda University on Tuesday organized a colloquium titled “BIMSTEC and the Bay: Navigating The Future.” The event was inaugurated by Ambassador Jaideep Mazumdar, Secretary East, who served as the Chief Guest. Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh, Vice Chancellor (I) of Nalanda University, welcomed the guests and emphasized the importance of BIMSTEC and the Bay of Bengal for regional cooperation and development.

Prof. Singh highlighted Nalanda’s historic role as a bridge between India and its neighboring regions, underscoring BIMSTEC’s embodiment of cooperative spirit among nations bordering the Bay. Ambassador Mazumdar, in his inaugural address, praised Nalanda’s vision of being a global center for learning, which aligns with the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ – the world is one family.

Nalanda University's Bay of Bengal Studies Centre Hosts Major BIMSTEC Event

Ambassador Mazumdar lauded the Centre for Bay of Bengal Studies for organizing this timely colloquium. He commended Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh, Prof. Rajeev Chaturvedy, and their colleagues for prioritizing the Bay of Bengal in their research. He noted that the launch of the School of International Relations and Peace Studies at Nalanda University aims to reestablish Nalanda as a major hub for international exchanges and scholarly research.

Highlighting the significance of BIMSTEC, Ambassador Mazumdar stated that the seven member nations represent a combined population of 1.8 billion people, nearly 22% of the global population. He emphasized BIMSTEC’s strategic geographic positioning at the crossroads of South Asia and Southeast Asia, making it a vital link between two crucial regions.

Ambassador Mazumdar articulated India’s vision for BIMSTEC, focusing on inclusive growth, sustainable development, and regional peace, security, and stability. He reiterated India’s readiness to share its expertise with BIMSTEC member states in areas such as agriculture, energy, health, and the digital sector. He concluded by highlighting the transformative journey BIMSTEC is on, aiming for a region characterized by shared prosperity, sustainable development, and peace and security for all.

Nalanda University's Bay of Bengal Studies Centre Hosts Major BIMSTEC Event

Other notable speakers at the colloquium included Dr. Rajat M Nag, former Director General of the Asian Development Bank, Sabyasachi Dutta, Executive Director and Founder of Asian Confluence, Prof. Sreeradha Dutta of Jindal Global University, and Dr. Bishwanjit Singh from Manipur University.

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy, the founding coordinator of the Centre, thanked the esteemed guests and emphasized the shared vision of fostering regional cooperation and sustainable development among BIMSTEC nations. He highlighted the enriched political support and commitment from India towards BIMSTEC, underlining its importance for both India and the region.