Nirmala Sitharaman Targets Lalu-Rabri Raj: Says in Patna – “Due to Jungle Raj, Per Capita Income Fell by 33 Percent”

Nirmala Sitharaman Targets Lalu-Rabri Raj

Patna: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrived in Patna on Tuesday and addressed a press conference at the BJP office, focusing on the need to educate first-time voters about the adverse effects of the “Jungle Raj” era under RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his wife and former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi.

Sitharaman highlighted the economic downturn during their tenure, noting that the per capita income in Bihar was only Rs. 14,209 during their rule. She contrasted this with the current per capita income of Rs. 37,000, underscoring the progress made since the end of that period.

“The harm caused by the Jungle Raj needs to be communicated clearly,” she stressed. “During that time, the GDP of Bihar was lower than Odisha’s, and per capita income had fallen by 33 percent. Significant efforts were needed to reverse this trend and maintain a 5 percent growth rate.”

Referring to a statement by Lalu Prasad, Sitharaman criticized claims that the Supreme Court intended to take reservations away from SC, ST, and OBC communities to give them to Muslims. “This is completely wrong,” she said. “Prime Minister Modi is committed to inclusive development, ensuring everyone’s support and growth. Our goal is to make Eastern India a development engine, advancing Bihar, Jharkhand, and Bengal through concrete actions.”

Sitharaman also addressed criticisms from the Congress party, which often speaks of protecting the Constitution. “Modi ji has rightly questioned Congress’s commitment to the Constitution. Their actions are nothing more than crocodile tears,” she remarked.

The Finance Minister’s visit included a significant meeting with industrialists to discuss the development and economic prosperity of Bihar, aiming to further the state’s progress and industrial growth.