Patna: SSB Jawans Guide Students Through Fire Safety Protocols at St. Karen’s Secondary School

St Karen school student fire drill SSB Patna

Patna: St. Karen’s Secondary School in Patna, Bihar, demonstrated its commitment to student safety by hosting a highly successful mock fire drill on April 20, Saturday. Led by Jawans from the border guarding force Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), the drill aimed to educate students about fire safety and emergency response protocols.

Under the supervision of Sub-Inspector Anurag Rai, the mock fire drill was executed seamlessly, drawing active participation from both students and faculty members.

The primary objective of the drill was to enhance students’ awareness and preparedness in the event of a fire emergency. By simulating realistic scenarios, students gained invaluable insights into various aspects of fire safety, including the identification of different types of fires and the appropriate methods to control or extinguish them.

Sub-Inspector Anurag Rai, who led the demonstration, shared his expertise with the students, providing crucial information on the six types of fires and how to effectively manage them. His guidance proved instrumental in helping students understand the importance of fire safety and the appropriate responses in emergency situations, informed Marykutty Thom, Principal, St. Karen’s Secondary School.

During the drill, students actively participated, demonstrating their commitment to learning and preparedness. Under the guidance of the SSB Jawans, they gained hands-on experience on how to respond to and assist others in the event of a fire emergency.