PM Modi’s Historic Roadshow Enlivens Patna Ahead of 4th Phase of Lok Sabha Polls

Narendra Modi's Historic Roadshow Enlivens Patna Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Patna: In an unprecedented event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi orchestrated a vibrant roadshow in Patna on Sunday, preceding the fourth phase of voting for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It marked the first instance of a Prime Minister conducting a roadshow in the city, creating a historical milestone. Traditional conch shells resonated, and ceremonial aartis were performed to welcome PM Modi, accompanied by rhythmic mantras.

The route of PM Modi’s roadshow spanned from Patna’s Bhattacharya turn, traversing through Pir Mohani, Kadamkuan, Thakurbari Road, Bakarganj, before culminating near Gandhi Maidan and Udyog Bhawan.

In a striking display of inclusivity, Muslim women adorned in their customary attire actively participated in the roadshow, offering aarti to the Prime Minister. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, BJP candidate from Patna Saheb Ravi Shankar Prasad, and Deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary joined PM Modi in a saffron-colored car during the two-kilometer journey.

Narendra Modi's Historic Roadshow Enlivens Patna Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

The air echoed with chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as enthusiastic crowds, numbering in the lakhs, thronged the streets to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister. PM Modi reciprocated the fervor by personally greeting and shaking hands with the eager onlookers.

A notable moment unfolded when PM Modi attempted to accept a poster from a woman enthusiast at Thakurbari Road. However, stringent security protocols enforced by the SPG thwarted his endeavor, prompting the convoy to advance.

Stringent security measures were implemented throughout the two-hour spectacle, with 3000 police personnel, para-military forces, SPG, and NSG commandos ensuring the safety of the Prime Minister. Attendees were prohibited from carrying flowers, water bottles, or any other items during the event.

Narendra Modi's Historic Roadshow Enlivens Patna Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Addressing voters from the Patna Sahib and Patliputra Lok Sabha constituencies, PM Modi’s presence injected fervor into the electoral landscape. However, opposition voices, including RJD-Congress and Left, labeled the roadshow as a ‘flop show’, attributing its purported lackluster turnout to strategic alterations in the route and the influence of competing events.

Rajesh Rathore, Chairman of the Bihar Congress media department, deemed the roadshow a ‘super flop show’, citing the purported inability of BJP leaders to muster substantial crowds despite logistical support.

Following the conclusion of the roadshow, Prime Minister Modi is spending the night at Raj Bhavan before embarking on subsequent engagements. On Monday, he is slated to visit the Patna Saheb Gurudwara and address election rallies in Hajipur, Motipur of Muzaffarpur, and Chhapra.