Road Accident in Unnao, UP, 18 Dead: Bus Collides with Tanker While Overtaking

Road Accident in Unnao, UP, 18 Dead: Bus Collides with Tanker While Overtaking
Chirag Gupta

Patna: A double-decker bus and a tanker collided in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh at 5:15 am on Wednesday, resulting in the death of 18 passengers and injuries to 19 others. Among the dead are 14 men, 2 women, and 2 children. The bus, traveling from Siwan in Bihar to Delhi, was overtaking a milk tanker when it lost control and overturned on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway near Bangarmau Kotwali. The collision was so severe that the driver’s side of the bus was completely separated, causing passengers to be ejected onto the road. Videos of the accident show bodies scattered across the roadway.

The police reported that the bus was overtaking a milk tanker when it went out of control, hit the tanker, and overturned. The bus was carrying 59 passengers, of which 22 are safe. Out of the 18 dead, 16 have not yet been identified. Fifteen injured passengers are being treated at Bangarmau CHC, and four seriously injured individuals have been referred to the Lucknow Trauma Center.

Survivors recounted the terrifying moments leading up to the crash. Shivam, a passenger injured in the accident, said everyone was sleeping when the bus, traveling at high speed, suddenly collided with the tanker. Despite warnings to the driver to slow down, he did not listen. Mohammad Urs, another passenger, described the loud noise and the sensation of an earthquake as the bus overturned. Pradeep, another injured passenger, said they woke up to find passengers lying on the road amidst the wreckage.

Eyewitnesses also described the chaotic aftermath. Naresh Kumar, who was nearby, reported hearing a loud sound and seeing the bus and tanker collide. He described the scene as devastating, with people shouting for help and bodies strewn across the road. The police and local residents quickly arrived to assist, but the severity of the situation left many in shock. Naresh Kumar said, “My soul trembled after seeing the accident. 10 people were lying dead on the road. In a short while, 50-60 people reached there. No one could understand what to do.”

In response to the tragedy, Unnao DM Gaurang Rathi announced the establishment of helpline numbers for those seeking information about the incident. These numbers are 0515-2970767, 9651432703, 9454417447, 8887713617, and 8081211289. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Draupadi Murmu expressed their condolences, with the Prime Minister announcing a compensation of Rs 2 lakh for the families of the deceased and Rs 50 thousand for the injured. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed officials to ensure the injured receive the best possible medical care.

The police are investigating the incident, citing overspeeding as the likely cause. The bus number is from UP, and the bus operator is being traced. Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak stated that the priority is to provide the best possible treatment for the injured, and the reasons for the incident will be known after the investigation. The local administration is engaged in all possible help to the victims, and there were so many dead bodies that even a policeman fainted.