Celebrations and Preparations in Patna Ahead of Ram Lalla Consecration in Ayodhya

Celebrations and Preparations in Patna Ahead of Ram Lalla Consecration in Ayodhya

Patna: A festive spirit has engulfed the entire nation as the consecration program of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya approaches, and Patna is no exception. The city is adorned with decorations in temples, squares, houses, and localities, with residents enthusiastically participating in the preparations. Homes are embellished with intricate rangolis, while monasteries and temples are adorned with vibrant flowers and dazzling lights.

The surge in demand for flowers in Patna has prompted residents to book their floral arrangements ten days in advance. Manoj Kumar Malakar, the President of GPO Flower Market, noted that flower prices have doubled due to the heightened demand for the Pran Pratistha ceremony. It is estimated that approximately Rs 4 crore worth of flowers will be sold during this auspicious occasion.

ISKCON temple in Patna is gearing up for special celebrations. Temple President Krishna Kripa Das shared that on the day of consecration, a grand lamp donation ceremony will take place with the lighting of around 1 lakh lamps. Kirtan sessions are also organized, and 2 tonnes of Bundi prasad will be distributed to devotees. The entire temple complex will be transformed with vibrant lights and floral decorations.

Mahavir Temple in Patna is set to mark the occasion with fervor. An Akhand Kirtan will begin at 9 am in front of the Sita-Ram statue, followed by Ram Janam Prasang and other Ramdhun Kirtan from Ramcharitmanas until 9 pm. Devotees will be treated to Halwa Prasad prepared in pure desi ghee from 2 pm onwards. The courtyard of Mahavir Temple will be illuminated with 1100 lamps at 6 pm, accompanied by the preparation of 10 thousand kg Naivedyam.

As the nation awaits the historic event in Ayodhya, Patna resonates with joyous preparations and festive fervor in anticipation of the consecration of Ram Lalla.