Daily ICT Lab Classes Mandated for Government School Students in Bihar

Cabinet briefing

Patna: The Education Department of the Bihar state has announced a new directive ensuring that students in government schools attend Information Communication Technology (ICT) lab classes every day. Dr. S. Siddharth, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, has issued instructions to all districts to implement this mandate effectively.

According to the new guidelines, at least 50 students from primary schools are required to attend ICT lab sessions daily. In secondary and higher secondary schools, the number rises to at least 100 students per day. These measures aim to enhance the digital literacy and technological skills of students from a young age.

Dr. Siddharth emphasized that the progress of students utilizing the ICT labs will be assessed weekly, with evaluations conducted every Tuesday. Additionally, headmasters of schools equipped with ICT labs are instructed to actively encourage students to participate in these classes.

The directive comes after inspecting officers reported that many government schools were not utilizing their ICT labs effectively. In many districts, the ICT labs had not been incorporated into the regular school routine, leading to underutilization of these resources.

In response to these findings, the Additional Chief Secretary has directed immediate action to rectify the situation. District Education Officers have been instructed to investigate why ICT lab activities were not included in the school routines and to ensure that they are promptly integrated.