Improving Pedestrian Safety: Five Foot Over Bridges Coming Soon to Patna

Improving Pedestrian Safety: Five Foot Over Bridges Coming Soon to Patna
Diya Behl

Patna: In a bid to enhance pedestrian safety and reduce road accidents, the state transport department has announced plans to construct foot over bridges at five strategic locations across the capital city, including Nehru Marg and Punaichak. Locations chosen for the bridges include critical points such as Patna Zoo, Punaichak Mor, and near St. Karen’s School at Saguna Mor, addressing key pedestrian traffic areas across the city.

Tender notices have been issued, with technical bids slated to open on July 30, followed by financial bids on August 12. This initiative, spearheaded by Transport Minister Sheela Kumari and sanctioned by the Bihar Road Safety Council, aims to mitigate daily risks faced by pedestrians due to inadequate road crossing facilities.

“The construction work of these foot over bridges will be overseen by the Transport Department in collaboration with the Road Construction Department,” said Transport Secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal.

He added: “Funding for the project has been allocated by the Bihar Road Safety Council, ensuring swift implementation once construction contracts are awarded. It is anticipated that the foot over bridges will be fully operational within four months from the commencement of construction.”

Each foot over bridge will be equipped with modern amenities, including lifts and escalators, to ensure accessibility for all pedestrians. This development comes as a response to the pressing need highlighted by Transport Secretary, who emphasized the necessity of safe pedestrian infrastructure to prevent daily road accidents.

The approval process for the foot over bridges has been meticulous, with both administrative and technical approvals already secured from relevant authorities. .

Residents and visitors alike are set to benefit significantly from these upcoming enhancements, with improved connectivity and safety measures expected to ease pedestrian movement particularly around busy hubs like Visvesvaraya Bhawan.